Daniel Mitterdorfer


I admit it: I use noscript, I block trackers like Google Analytics and all sorts of ads. If you browse the web this way, you see strange things: in the best case layouts are completely broken but in some cases pages even do not show up. And no, I am not talking about interactive pages like Google Maps. I am talking about pages that are content heavy. To me these people are just downright sloppy.

As a counter-statement I have eliminated most waste on my own page now (“the one who is without sin is the one who should cast the first stone”). From today on, this page does NOT use:

  • Javascript
  • Cookies
  • Page tracking
  • Categories
  • Comments

What is left? The essentials: HTML, CSS and images. There are some old presentations that I made with reveal.js but the rest of this page will not see Javascript any time soon.